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Indiana’s Management Performance Hub Helps Infant Mortality Rates Reach Historic Low

When Governor Eric Holcomb made reducing Indiana’s infant mortality rate a priority in 2018, utilizing data to identify and provide services for at-risk individuals was a big part of the plan, and we were proud to support that effort.

First-ever Data Competition Aimed at Reducing Indiana’s Infant Mortality Rate 

In support of Indiana Governor Eric Holcomb’s OB Navigator program, competitors in the Healthy Mom + Baby Datapalooza are challenged to create a data analysis or visualization solution using de-identified datasets on maternal health and infant mortality.

Helping Indy Achieves Increase Student Enrollment

A chance for all eligible Marion County students to attend college at no cost: that’s the promise the Indiana 21st Century Scholarship Program makes to middle school Hoosiers. But with program enrollment at less than 100%, Indy Achieves brought in KSM Consulting (KSMC) to help understand enrollment patterns to enroll more students.

Delighting Citizens Through Technology

With a passion for using technology to delight citizens, Michele Hovet, KSM Consulting’s director of client and partner innovation, presented, “Influencing Program Outcomes with Data." During this five-minute talk, Michele shares her big hairy audacious goal of making people delighted with government.

SAPradio Recap: Smart Cities and Analytics

KSMC client and partner innovation director, Michele Hovet, was invited to participate in the podcast “Game Changing Smart Cities of the Future."

Our Transition to Microsoft PowerBI for Internal Reporting

Are you investing a significant amount of time into report creation and not feeling an equivalent return on investment due to the time and effort required? Faced with this dilemma, we tasked members of our team with finding an alternative solution to manual report creation, one that might be helpful to apply to your organization, too.

Overcoming Barriers in Data Analytics Initiatives

Increasing amounts of data and the corresponding, nearly universal, recognition of the value it can provide to an organization have led to a growing investment in data analytics initiatives. When undertaking such initiatives, it is important to plan for the potential roadblocks that may stall or even prevent successful project completion.
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Defining Key Data Terminology

Whether it be ensuring that coworkers are up-to-date on the progress of a company-wide initiative or knowing who has to pick up the kids from soccer practice, communication plays an essential role in our personal and professional lives.

SAPradio Recap: Government Goes Digital

KSMC data analytics practice director, John Roach, was invited to participate in the podcast “Digital Industries: Changing the Game,” a special edition series of “Coffee Break with Game-Changers,” presented by SAP.