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Meet Our People: Erin Hartz

Business Intelligence Consultant, Erin Hartz brings her teaching background to her work at KSM Consulting, providing insights and understanding to educators looking to improve the lives of their students.

Meet Our People: Sara Hunter

A forward thinker and fearless problem solver, Sara Hunter brings her teaching background to her work as a Senior Consultant in the KSM Consulting Public Sector Services team specializing in Education Data Services.

Meet Our People: Lisa Kabat

Lisa provides true value to clients by beginning with questions and taking time to understand the source of their challenges before beginning to work with them to develop forward-thinking solutions.

Meet Our People: Amrutha Wheeler

A driven leader and advocate for consistent learning, Amrutha Wheeler, Data Science Team Lead, uses her unique background to take our data science team to the next level.

Meet Our People: Cristian Guandique

Cristian is passionate about data-driven decision-making and brings an extensive list of skills. His unique background in medicine—he has a master’s degree in medical science—helps him to better understand and serve his healthcare clients with data solutions.

Meet Our People: Kate Shelby

Kate serves as a Senior Delivery Leader on our Public Sector Services team, with extensive experience in government problem solving and deep subject matter expertise in unemployment insurance.
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Our Favorite 2020 Reads

Our team is known for being life-long learners, with a natural curiosity that keeps them exploring ideas and reading. Here’s a list of books that helped shape our 2020 growth.
alexa kovacs, junior data scientist

Meet Our People: Alexa Kovacs, Junior Data Scientist

Alexa’s exceptional skill and passion are noted by our team and clients, as well as the Indy tech community as Alexa was recently named the 2020 recipient IndyHackers Rising Star of the Year award.
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2020 Top Content on

2020’s most popular content on includes a mixture of client stories, expertise, exciting news, and a look behind the curtain at KSMC culture.