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Our Favorite 2020 Reads

Our team is known for being life-long learners, with a natural curiosity that keeps them exploring ideas and reading. Here’s a list of books that helped shape our 2020 growth.
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2020 Top Content on

2020’s most popular content on includes a mixture of client stories, expertise, exciting news, and a look behind the curtain at KSMC culture.

Creating a Mission-Driven Culture

In a Forbes article, Mark explains that culture should always come back to your people. He strives to create a mission-driven company that shows up for its clients, each other, and its communities.
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Enhancing Company Culture Through Design Thinking

Innovative ideas and out-of-the-box thinking are not random acts. In fact, at KSM Consulting, we live and breathe the belief that there exists a systematic approach to creativity and big ideas. It’s called Design Thinking and it’s infused into our approach to delivering the best solutions to our clients’ most pressing needs, as well as how we’ve architected our organizational culture, and business practices.
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Reimagining Work at KSM Consulting for the COVID-19 Era and Beyond

However, as COVID-19 began making its way across state lines, we realized that we needed to quickly rethink our entire employee experience while still delivering great work for our clients.

Fulfilling Our Mission During the Hardest of Days

Our mission at KSM Consulting is “to help our clients, coworkers, and communities thrive.” Today, that is rooted in a desire to help our communities survive today and thrive again.  

5 Characteristics of a Successful Data Consultant

Data architects and engineers are the skilled experts behind complex data management. On the KSM Consulting team, they also play a significant role in solving client problems by building and executing algorithms that are the foundation of technical solutions.  
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Thursday Throwdowns: Encouraging Employee Collaboration

We believe employee collaboration leads to the delivery of great service to our clients. It’s been our experience that collaboration amongst employees often takes place in casual settings as people are building their personal relationships as well as their professional ones. To fuel these relationships – and, frankly, have some fun – we launched the signature KSMC Thursday Throwdowns in 2014.