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Indiana’s Management Performance Hub Helps Infant Mortality Rates Reach Historic Low

When Governor Eric Holcomb made reducing Indiana’s infant mortality rate a priority in 2018, utilizing data to identify and provide services for at-risk individuals was a big part of the plan, and we were proud to support that effort.

Why You Need a Business Intelligence Assessment

BI is a tool or approach to understanding what’s really happening in your business, based on the data available. To truly know what is happening in your business, you need to understand your data and how to make it actionable. A BI Assessment can help with that.

Three Elements of Impactful Business Intelligence

To create an effective BI strategy, three elements are necessary to serve business decision makers: people, process, and technology. BI projects that encompass all three elements can lead to the successful implementation of a BI tool and enable end-user adoption.

Business Intelligence: Farm to Table

When you think of business intelligence (BI), the first thing likely to come to mind is a sharp-looking dashboard. A dashboard is one of the outputs or deliverables of a BI project. But BI is more than a dashboard. The real value of BI lies in examining your business, defining what success looks like, and creating the tools that will communicate your vision and track your progress.
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Fraud Alert: Suspicious Invoices

As a business technology partner, KSM Consulting feels that it’s important to share potential threats to your system, as well as other potential issues related to your technology.