About KSMC

Life at KSMC

When asked to describe our work at KSMC, our employees use adjectives such as interesting, challenging, and impactful. And when KSMC is asked to describe our employees, we say—unequivocally—they’re the best of the best.

Our commitment to the success of our clients, each other, and our communities is the foundation of our work and the hallmark of our reputation. What matters most to us as an organization is reflected in our core values: Client Focus, Empathy, Fearless Problem Solving, and Deep Expertise. We don’t just talk about our values, we live them.

Every day.

With our culture of commitment to client success, there’s no challenge that’s too big and no solution that’s out of reach. If you need to power your problem solving, our consultants will find the answer that’s right for you.

Helping each other and our communities thrive is exemplified in the work we do outside the office as well. At KSMC, our employees are lifelong learners, and we provide numerous opportunities for personal and professional development. We keep our communities at the forefront by offering our time and talents to our clients, colleagues, and neighbors.

Life at KSMC is a cycle of learning, giving, receiving, and giving back. We don’t measure our success by the time we spend in the office, we measure our success by the continual, positive change we bring to our clients, each other, and our communities.

Are you ready to be that change?