About KSMC

Life at KSMC

KSMC is a versatile, dynamic company that values client success above all else. But we’re not your typical consulting firm. We work in a relaxed environment with little hierarchy that facilitates collaboration. We don’t have big egos—so we‘re good at maneuvering in a challenging, fast-paced environment—and we have a serious competitive streak.

Above all else, our values set us apart. We are fearless problem solvers who are relentlessly client-focused in everything we do. Our values not only help us grow as people and employees; they also position us as a leading voice in the consulting industry. Read more about our value system on our About page.

Ultimately, we’re all about solutions: the more practical, innovative, and efficient, the better. Using the Design Thinking model and our values as guides, there’s no challenge we can’t help you overcome.

You can learn more about careers at KSMC here or get to know more about the people who make up our team in our Meet Our People blog series.