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Facing Change with Courage and Compassion

As one point of connection right now, KSMCers get together on Friday mornings for a weekly Computer-side Chat with CEO, Mark Caswell. We typically discuss company news, current events, and whatever ends up in our chat dialogue – that’s included sports, celebrities, food, video games, Batman, and more…  

April 17th, Mark passed the baton to Jennifer Manning, executive coach and leader, for a discussion around ways to take care of ourselves when everything feels chaotic.   

Jennifer Manning is a certified professional coach and a seasoned HR leader who works with individuals and teams, like KSM Consulting, to help them thrive at work and in life. Before heading out on her own, she served in HR leadership with international organizations like Starbucks and Ann Taylor. She’s also a mom, wife, and wonderful friend living the same reality as all of us at the moment. 

Wanting to support employees who are feeling overwhelmed and exhausted, Jenn touched on  the following key concepts:  

  • Working through the stages of chaos and acceptance to get to a point of creation – and back around again as our situations ebb and flow at different moments in time.  
  • The three components of selfcompassion and the value of exercising them with ourselves, especially right now (as defined by Kristen Neff): 
    • Self-kindness vs. self-judgment
    • Common humanity vs. isolation
    • Mindfulness vs. over-identification 
  • Strategies to help us experience and deal with our current reality: 
    • Everyday courage 
    • Compassion (and self-compassion) 
    • Establishing new agreements 

Knowing that we’re all in this together, we wanted to share the recording of the KSMC Computer-side Chat with Jenn for anyone who may benefit from this discussion.

You can listen to the full conversation in the recording of the Chat below. The interviewer is Mary Catharine Grau, KSMC VP of Brand. 

(Yes, like any good video call right now, a pickle joined the conversation.)