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What Makes a Successful Brand

What makes a successful brand?

KSMC’s CEO Mark Caswell invited Dave Neff to talk branding during a recent edition of “Mark’s Update,” an internal weekly video series to inspire and inform our team, furthering their Deep Expertise both inside and outside the office.

Dave Neff, CRO of Prolific, has a long history of helping to build some of Indianapolis’s top brands, including the Indiana Pacers, ExactTarget, and EDGE Mentoring. In conversation with Mark, he shares his perspective on the building blocks of a brand, his experience creating successful brands, and how relationships play a role. They also discuss the intersection of leadership and mentorship and building EDGE Mentoring from the ground up.

Prolific, the recently launched parent company of JDA Worldwide, is a strategic growth and consulting firm that focuses on helping national and emerging brands drive revenue and impact through strategic planning, management consulting, and growth capital investments.