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Meet Our People: Elicia Frelix

Elicia Frelix works as a Technical Support Specialist on KSM Consulting’s Business Technology team at KSM Consulting. Her career in technology also allows her to practice one of KSMC’s core values, Empathy. She strives daily to understand our clients’ needs while providing efficient and effective solutions.

How did you get your start working in Technology?
When I was in fourth grade, my mom used to hire me as a little worker at her office. She would teach me Lotus 123 and Word Perfect, so I would get to assist her in her work every day. I was excited to do this. I’d punch in numbers and put in codes. I used that skill set to help my teachers in school. I helped them put peripheral devices together, connect the mouse, and even set up Mavis Beacon Typing Tudor for all the kids. I ended up being the help desk technician at a young age!

What do you like about being a Technical Support Specialist?
What I like about my role is what drew me to KSMC – the community involvement. Our clients are involved in the community and therefore every opportunity that I have to help our clients is an opportunity for me to make a change in our community. Every moment that I am resetting a password, bringing a server back up or helping clients with their office or applications, I am making a change in that community. For me, that is what’s impactful.

You are pursuing your Ph.D. in Communication; how do you apply your education in communication to serve KSMC clients?
I believe that communication is the focal point of any job that you perform. I also believe that great communication is what aids us in truly understanding our clients’ needs. IT issues can frustrate anyone. How do I communicate to my client that I do understand them? Empathy. I empathize with the client. When I help a client, the first thing I do is help them understand is that I understand where they are coming from. And secondly, that I am here to help as best as I can.

What are your hobbies?
I have always done theatre, but I was never an improv actor at all until I saw a group called Stars and Gripes on television. This improv group represents the military and had Army and Marines represented, but no Air Force. I am an Air Force veteran and so I introduced myself and was invited to audition. I ended up traveling with them throughout the theatre district in Chicago. We would hold shows, invite a veteran in the audience to tell their story, and then we would reenact the story, making light of it by using fun tricks. Our goal was to help the veteran to laugh through their story and encourage healing.

You’re passionate about helping veterans, how else do you support them?
This year I surprised myself by entering a pageant. I am Mrs. Circle City. It was a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity. I learned so much and I was able to give my voice to the veterans not just of Indiana but across the nation, including those who suffer from PTSD because that’s a huge issue within our military community. I’m also writing a book about my father’s experience in the Vietnam War based on stories he told me. He suffered from PTSD, and I want to help others understand it.

What are you looking forward to over the next 12 months?
Next year I am excited that I’ll be completing all of my coursework for my Ph.D. program focusing on computer-mediated communication. I’ll be working toward my dissertation in my final year, and I’d like to finish up strong. I’m also excited about the things that I don’t know yet because I like to do some things spontaneously. I like to surprise myself.

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