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Meet Our People: Travis Williams

Travis Williams is a Technical Support Specialist (TSS) whose passion for helping people, coupled with his love of technology, make him a great fit for the KSMC Business Technology team.

What does a TSS do? What’s your favorite part about being a TSS?

As a TSS, we solve IT problems every day. We’re the first line of defense for our clients which means we handle a lot of the day-to-day IT issues for our clients as well as providing leadership, encouragement, and how-to’s for their technical needs.

My favorite part of being a TSS is identifying a new system or process that solves the root issue of what the client is experiencing rather than the surface problem.

What was your introduction to technology?

I kind of fell into IT in college as a side job and then I fell in love with helping people. When you’re teaching someone how to use technology, and you see that click when they grasp how it works, that’s really fun.

What drew you to KSMC?

I think what initially drew me to KSMC were the Values [Empathy, Client Focus, Fearless Problem Solving, and Deep Expertise]. They really aligned with my personal values and that caught my attention right away. What I found out through the interview process, as well as working here for a year, is that we don’t just pay lip-service to our values. We really operate based on those Values. That wasn’t something I experienced at other jobs.

How have you grown by working at KSMC?

Working at KSMC has given me a much broader perspective of technology and the roles and functions it plays in business. It’s also introduced me to a community of people that are incredibly intelligent, fun, and love to work hard.

Tell us about your team

I’m on a team of seven people, and we’re growing fast. We have complementing skillsets that allow us to serve all of the different needs of our clients. Our team gets along very well and even hangs out outside of work. Our Team Lead has a ton of knowledge and experience and is always willing to pitch in so I feel like I’m learning a lot and have a good mentor. We live by one rule: work hard, play hard.

Just for Fun, what’s your favorite TV show?

Recently, I’d say the best TV show I’ve watched is The OA, on Netflix. It’s a mind-bendy show that has a lot of twists and turns. I would have to say Rick and Morty is my all-time favorite show though. And that’s the waaaay the news goes!