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KSMC Employees Deepen Their Expertise

One of KSMC’s core values is “Deep Expertise.” With a conglomeration of curious, smart, and driven employees, KSMC is committed to providing ample opportunities for continued personal and professional growth.

And our employees are eager to learn.

Our people and practices have a variety of opportunities that help them continually hone their skills. From Design Thinking training sessions to a monthly KSMC Toastmasters club to brown bag book clubs to team studying for Microsoft certifications, KSMC employees take advantage of development opportunities to grow their technical and consulting skills.

For instance, during the second half of 2018, nearly 20 KSMC employees from our Technology, Management Consulting, and Project Services teams completed a nine-week project management course. For one full day each week, these learners gathered classroom-style for instruction on all the PMBOK component processes of project management. The course was taught by Indianapolis’s renowned instructor, Steve Burgan, who is known for his subject matter expertise and his unique approach to breaking down the components of project management.

Throughout the course, students walked through project management processes, discussed them in the context of KSMC projects, participated in group activities, and took numerous practice quizzes. There were homework assignments given every week, and many hours of studying were completed along the way.

Project Management Professional (PMP) certification requires various credentials, including an academic degree, project management experience, and education, an application, and an exam. As a result of this most recent training, the following KSMC employees received their PMP certification:

Scott Colip
Natalie Dibner
Connor Donnelly
Ian Gunn
Andrea Massimillian
Michelle Poffenberger

Many others have scheduled their exams in the near future. KSMC is proud to support the educational endeavors of our amazing employees. Kudos, all!

If you’re a lifelong learner and continually wanting to deepen your expertise, KSMC might be the place for you. Check out our open positions and apply today.