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Meet Our People: Connor Donnelly

Connor is a Project Manager whose knack for keeping things organized and moving forward extends past his work life. A self-proclaimed neat-freak with a theatre background seemed to be destined for the job. So, he ditched the stage, picked up the PMP handbook, and joined the project services team at KSM Consulting.

What does a Project Manager do?
As a Project Manager, I’m not only responsible for managing the schedule and keeping things on task but also taking a wholistic view of the work and ensuring the project is going to drive change. I have to ask myself, “Is this project going to help the stakeholder? Is it going to help the end user?” That’s why I like KSMC. We think about the big picture here and not just an implementation or product.

What does it take to be a good Project Manager?
I think the ability to understand what people need and why they need it helps make you a good Project Manager. You need to be able to understand the overall solution. If you can remove yourself, think about how people work together, why they work together, and always stay true to the reason behind what you’re trying to solve, you’ll be a good project manager.

What’s your favorite part of being a PM? Of being a PM at KSMC?
I love bringing people together with each other and with technology. It’s amazing how tech and people can all come together to solve a need or a problem.

At KSMC, the Project Services team has developed so quickly. It’s such a dynamic team, and I’m constantly learning from each of my coworkers. Even if I work alone on a project, I never feel alone. There are so many talented people here that it’s easy to grow and become better myself.

Just for Fun, what’s your proudest moment at KSMC?
Probably when I beat Steve Combs in our fantasy football championship. When the game ended, Steve was the season winner. But, I ended up winning by half a point after a stat correction the next day which awarded my kicker a point for a tackle. I’m still holding it over his head.