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Meet Our People: Katy Jenkins

Katy is a Senior Business Intelligence (BI) Consultant that spends her days following data wherever it leads her. Although it wasn’t initially the career she planned, now it’s one she loves. Right out of college, with a degree in economics and statistics, she had always envisioned working in market research. But when her first job centered around BI, she quickly realized the combination of data and problem solving would shape her career.

What types of projects do you work on?
I do a lot of BI assessments, which are really great. I spend time performing discovery work with people at all levels of the organization and come up with an ideal BI plan for them.

When you sit in a room with a leadership team and someone says, “this is exactly what we needed all along.” – it’s super rewarding. BI assessments are a great way to help clients figure that out.

What is the value that BI provides?
At this point, everybody has a bit of data analytics in their role. The value that we provide as BI analysts is to help clients take whatever data they have – that they might not know what to do with – and get it into a place and format to empower each of their employees to make data-driven decisions on a daily basis.

Do you have a favorite part of BI?
My favorite part is when you run through the entire data analytics process for the first time, and it works. If you have ever used SSIS before, you know what I mean. What happens is you build packages based on where you want data to flow/combine and then you click run. If everything goes according to plan, the test gives you little green checkmarks and when that works, it’s AMAZING. You know you had a productive day when you see the green checkmarks telling you that you were successful.

What’s been your most rewarding day at KSM Consulting?
My most rewarding day so far at KSM Consulting is when we analyzed a client’s data and then showed her the resulting dashboard for the first time. As we were going through it, she looked at me and said, “I always knew this was a problem, but I couldn’t prove it so no one would ever allow me to go and solve it.” So, we enabled her to do what she needed to do to improve her business.

The really great thing about KSM Consulting is that we approach BI as a part of Management Consulting. We come alongside clients and help them solve their challenges. We don’t just identify the challenge and walk away – we do the implementation, help update processes, get employees to buy into the solution, and beyond.

Just for fun… What shows are you into?
My husband and I just finished the third season of Billions and we’re obsessed. It’s awesome. I haven’t finished the final season of The Americans, so I need to do that next.