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SAPRadio Recap: 2018 Technology and Business Predictions

KSM Consulting client and partner innovation director, Michele Hovet, was invited to participate in the podcast “Game-Changers Crystal Ball 2018 Predictions – Part 4,” a special edition series of “Coffee Break with Game-Changers,” presented by SAP.

Host Bonnie D. Graham was joined by over 70 thought leaders who shared their 2018 predictions about technologies, strategies, and trends to help businesses grow and compete.

Michele shared her prediction that 2018 will be “a year of digital transformation pushed by human needs, consumerism, and emerging technology.” Michele challenged people to think about why emerging technologies are important in the public sector. Michele believes 2018 is the year “more organizations [will] use empathy to start their digital transformation.” Learn more about Michele’s 2018 prediction.

Podcast highlights were shared on social media during the live stream. Learn more by tuning into a recording of the podcast.

Game-Changers Crystal Ball 2018 Predictions – Part 4

Special Edition Series of Coffee Break with Game-Changers

Presented by SAP

Host: Bonnie D. Graham

KSMC Participant: Michele Hovet, Client and Partner Innovation Director

Listen to the podcast on demand.