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SAPradio Recap: Smart Cities and Analytics

KSMC client and partner innovation director, Michele Hovet, was invited to participate in the podcast “Game Changing Smart Cities of the Future,” a special edition series of “Coffee Break with Game-Changers,” presented by SAP.

Host Bonnie D. Graham was joined by panelists to discuss the topic: Smart Cities and Analytics: Tear Down That Silo! During the podcast, panelists discussed drivers for smart city digital transformation and trends in technology that can be implemented to improve citizen’s lives.

Panelists included:

  • Michele Hovet, Client and Partner Innovation Director, KSM Consulting
  • Sara Marshall, SAP Industry Advisor, SAP
  • Dr. Sara Diamond, President of OCAD University, Canada

Podcast highlights were shared on social media during the live stream. Sara Marshall shared that “technology advancements have made it possible to look at problems in a new way.” Michele Hovet highlighted how “bringing data sets together opens up possibilities in the public sector.” Learn more by tuning into a recording of the podcast.


Game-Changing Smart Cities of the Future
Special Edition Series of Coffee Break with Game-Changers
Presented by SAP

Host: Bonnie D. Graham
Participants: Michele Hovet, Sara Marshall, Dr. Sara Diamond

Listen to the podcast on demand.