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Meet Our People: Ryan Achterberg

One of the first KSMC people, Ryan Achterberg has helped the company grow into what it is today. Like many members of the KSMC team, no two days is ever the same for Ryan. From being the first person to interact with our prospective clients to jumping in to solve some of our clients toughest challenges at a moment’s notice, Ryan acts as the Swiss Army Knife of our Technology practice.

Ryan has been building relationships with clients since day one to ensure the right combination of people, process, and technology for solutions that last. Get to know Ryan in this Q&A.

What is your role at KSMC?
As the Chief of Technology, I am responsible for business development, solution design, technical assessments, providing support to new clients, and ensuring the best technology remains at the forefront of our practice. Often, I am the first person to interact with prospective clients, giving me the opportunity to learn about various businesses and the challenges that they face. I love that every day offers something a little different.

As one of the original employees, share a little bit about your beginning at KSMC.
Before KSMC even existed, I worked as a System Administrator for the accounting firm. Through various technical support needs, I met Charlie Brandt, the founder and current Managing Director of KSMC. In building the consulting firm, which was founded in 2008, Charlie had a vision for providing clients with strategic advice around their technology. As Charlie quickly achieved success, clients soon wanted help implementing these strategies. Feeling I would be a good fit for the role, Charlie hired me in to launch our IT services and I’ve been here ever since.

Over the years, what has stood out to you about KSMC?
KSMC has certainly evolved and grown over the years, but our core identity has always remained the same. We hire great people who bring the right expertise to meet our clients’ needs. Members of the KSMC team proactively strive to stay ahead of the latest trends to ensure our clients receive the best technology services possible. This often requires significant sweat equity, late nights, and challenges that we must persevere through, but that is what has always made it fun.

What is your favorite part about any given day at KSMC?
We built this business by being client focused. Every day, I have the opportunity to build deeper interactions with our customers. Since the beginning, we have been successfully providing unrivaled customer service and taking on the difficult problems that no one else could solve, and that is what gets me excited about each new day.

Outside of the office, how do you enjoy spending your time?
I spend most of my time with my wife and three kids. Our kids are heavily involved in sports and school activities, so most of the school year is spent running from one sporting event to the next sporting event. Outside of that, I like to relax by playing pickup basketball, football, or soccer with my kids.

Just for fun…what is your CD from the 90s?
I have a very eclectic taste in music, so picking one is difficult. But in the 90s I had a ton of CDs (and eight tracks, and cassette tapes, and records), but Monster Ballads is the one coming to mind.

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