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Meet Our People: Jessica Menke

For many of our KSMC clients, the name Jessica Menke is a familiar one. Jessica spends her days expertly managing the KSMC Helpdesk, assisting clients through the resolution of their day-to-day IT challenges. As the voice of KSMC, in addition to fulfilling the role of project coordinator, Jessica interacts with almost every business technology client. If you haven’t had the opportunity to meet Jessica, get to know her through this Q&A.

What is your role at KSMC?
My role is heavily focused on customer service, which means no two days are ever alike. I work with all of our business technology clients through my role managing the Helpdesk as well as serving as project coordinator for business technology projects.

Client focused is one of the values at KSMC. How does this show up daily in your client interactions?
As I work with clients to resolve the challenges they encounter, in the back of my head, I continually ask myself what kind of service I would like to receive, and then I try to make that happen for the client. I consider myself the gatekeeper to ensuring that we are doing what is best for our clients. As a team, our goal is to do our best to ensure our client’s technology is running smoothly so they can focus on more important issues.

Communication is obviously an important part of your role. What are some things you do to ensure communication always stays on track?
Communication is essential to effectively fulfilling my role. When I don’t have an answer, I make sure to connect the client with the right person to assist them. While handling Helpdesk requests, I never want clients to feel out of the loop. I follow up on service tickets to make sure everything was resolved appropriately, hunt down our technicians to ensure client issues are resolved, and update clients on progress throughout the resolution of their ticket.

In addition, as a project coordinator, there is a significant amount of communication that needs to take place at the start of any project. When onboarding new clients, we want to establish a strong line of communication that will hold throughout our relationship, so I reach out to clients with a welcome email and include information about KSMC and the project. Then, we follow up with weekly status updates, communicate challenges as they arise, and present solutions. I find that being consistent and proactive is the best way to keep communication on track.

Why do you enjoy working with our clients so much?
I am a people-oriented person and love working with clients. When working at the Helpdesk, you never know which client is going to call next and what problem they might be experiencing. I enjoy the element of the unknown and the fact that I can help bridge the gap between our clients and our technicians to make our service the best it can be.

What is the most important lesson you have learned from your interaction with clients?
The best lesson learned so far has to be the importance of thinking about other people’s needs. You never know what situation a client might be in or understand the extent that a technology glitch might alter their day, so I try to make sure that our technicians respond quickly to alleviate our clients’ stress.

You obviously love your job and clients. What else makes you love the great city of Indy?
I originally moved to Indianapolis to attend the Herron School of Art and Design at IUPUI. During that time, I fell in love with the city and people here. What I love the most is the fact that there is always something new to do in the city. In fact, with so many new breweries popping up, I have made it a goal to tour all the breweries in Indiana within the next year.

Just for fun…what’s your favorite board game?
Classic board game, I’d have to pick Clue. Of the more recent board games released, I love Quelf. It is similar to Cranium, but a little more ridiculous.

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