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Five Characteristics of Fearless Problem Solvers

At KSMC, we are fearless problem solvers. In fact, our ability to tackle big problems is the reason clients call on our team. We have found that fearless problem solvers tend to exhibit five key characteristics. They are undaunted, optimistic, driven, smart, and empathetic. The combination of these attributes results in great solutions to some of our clients’ most challenging problems. We wouldn’t have it any other way.

There is no problem that won’t be tackled. Fearless problem solvers believe there is a solution to every challenge. They have confidence in themselves and their abilities to find the best solution.

Real-world example: After nine years and several contractors, KSMC was asked to step in and perform a project rescue of a complex, enterprise-wide application development project. Faced with a project that was years behind schedule and experiencing multiple failures, KSMC completely re-architected the team, the solution, and the process, delivering an innovative approach that launched the system just 9 months later. Without an undaunted approach, this could never have been done.

Fearless problem solvers believe in the availability of a GREAT solution for every challenge and work toward it with optimism and enthusiasm. The future looks great, so let’s get there!

Real-world example: After a malicious cyber-attack wiped out nearly all of a company’s data and technology infrastructure, the company contacted KSMC in a desperate attempt to recover their business. Despite the bleak outlook, the KSMC team diligently worked with the company to assure them that, while the business appeared to be at risk of closing, we would find a way to get them back in operation. With great effort and skill, not to mention a few very late nights, the team was able to bring back 90 percent of their information, while simultaneously improving their systems and launching better security. Today, the business is still going strong.

Fearless problem solvers are change agents. They take ideas and make them reality, they translate discussion into action, and they deliver results every time, regardless of the circumstances. In short, they make things happen.

Real-world example: KSMC is often given the opportunity to provide assessments of an organization’s technology stance. Sometimes, as was recently the case with an Indianapolis organization, those assessments result in so many problems and so much resistance that the road to recovery seems almost impossible. However, by providing a vision for the future and patiently, but consistently, driving the organization to improve and adopt change, KSMC was able to successfully deliver over 50 separate technology projects in just under a year. Not only that, but leadership and employees throughout the organization were aligned with this vision and bought in for the future. This kind of change takes drive and persistence.

Fearless problem solvers use experience, breadth of knowledge, empathy, and raw intelligence to understand complexity and sort order from the chaos. They also have healthy curiosity and respect for the details, because they know the details make or break a great solution.

Real-world example: The KSMC team recently tackled an enterprise social services problem dealing with both social and financial importance. With the complexity of the factors involved incredibly high, our team, in collaboration with the client, figured out solutions to a number of hard problems, from being the first to combine large-scale data sets across disparate data sets, to invention of new high-speed and secure data matching algorithms, to advanced analysis of human factors and non-human factors impacting outcomes. In the end, the team sorted through a massive amount of information to find three key factors (out of dozens of possibilities) that can be used to target action and begin to solve the important problem the client faced.

The best solutions start with a deep understanding of individual people and the deep-seeded needs that they have. Fearless problem solvers are great at finding these needs by first working to truly understand the people at the center of the challenge and their challenges, then innovating great solutions that holistically combine people, process, and technology.

Real-world example: Working alongside a new startup to effectively launch its product, it was essential that KSMC took the time to fully understand the organization’s needs and the needs of the target audience. Getting to the root of the needs of the audience helped our team understand what would make the product and the startup successful. The team worked side-by-side with the client and various stakeholders to build a product for the customer that met this goal with excellence.

At KSMC, we work to support our clients achieving their goals. Through our team’s ability to remain undaunted, optimistic, driven, smart, and empathetic, we accomplish this mission each and everyday.

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