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Project Management as an Organizational Skill

The idea of achieving actionable results by aligning organizational objectives with strategic change is something we are passionate about. We work to promote this internally and to our clients. However, we have found that the high-level thought that goes into this strategic planning can only take you so far. You must also have the right people on board and a certain level of organizational proficiency to be able to act upon your plans and carry them through to success.

This is especially true in situations where change must be achieved primarily through project-based initiatives. I recently discovered a project management blog that discussed promoting project management as an organizational competency – rather than solely a position-based job role – in order to support the project management teams in their efforts.

I certainly agree with this point of view, and although I feel that having a professional project management role in place is critical, you will achieve a higher level of success if the organization as a whole understands the basic guiding factors of how and why your projects are driven in the manner in which they are. Obtaining an understanding of these basic principals can lead to increased buy-in and cooperation from the project team.